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MVR  Michael Victor Ruggiero


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Harvard U. Graduate School of Design


LEED AP 2007



City planting has challenges but in them lie seeds for invention. Mostly plantings must be resilient (to heat, use, etc). The greatest durability is needed for street and roofs, but today's sustainability demands hold for building Entries, Yards, and garden Courtyards.



Of all plantings, canopy trees hold up best.  Like tall ones on the street, small shade trees -- suited to small spaces and containers -- also do the most visually and environmentally, save money on energy bills, and grow property value. 

TreesNYC, Manhattan shade planting, pavement reuse


Also valuable are:

  • dwarf shrubs

  • ornamental grasses 

  • drought-tolerant perennials/annuals

  • evergreens.


Renewed Surfaces

We consult on:


'No contained too small to make a difference.'

NYC Yards & Garden Courtyards

Sustainable Seasonal Planting 

H LINE Arborist (HLArb) is the Urban Forestry| Urban Horticulture UFUH branch of MVR Landscape. HLArb mission includes canopy tree planting and preservation, and adapting sustainableplanting aesthetic to varied site conditions and client preferences. More on HLArb establishment in RLA NY Page.

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