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Street Trees NYC, Help Line Arborist

Photos by HLArb

NY Garden Yard Renovation Pruning
NY Garden Yard Tree Pruning

Certified Consulting Arborist NY    

City Shade Tree Mission

H LINE Arborist (HLArb) is dedicated to sensible, efficient tree preservation and vigorous tree establishment 

because a healthy, well-integrated street canopy/urban forest improves the quality of life for everyone.

Manhattan trees as 'Green Infrastructure', for example, in a densely-built, paved environment, improve air quality, cool NYC's 'air'and reduce water pollution for the whole region. In addition, street canopies not only enhance streets themselves, but experiences on sidewalks, and life in nearby buildings.


All city trees -- in parks, on the street or yards of commercial and residential properties-- contribute to these environmental values and objectives.

 CA Reports &Tree Surveys       

Reports for residential and commercial properties.  Architects, engineers, and contractors, get Permits so that intended work minimizes impacts to  NYC trees. Clear CA Reports and Tree Surveys expedite permits.

Consulting Arborist (CA) Reports

NYC Parks | DOT CA Reports 

Tree Survey Plans in CADD

Site Tree Survey NY -  ID, evaluation


City planting has challenges but in them lie seeds for invention. Mostly plantings must be resilient (to heat, use, etc). The greatest durability is needed for street and roofs, but today's sustainability demands hold for building Entries, Yards, and garden Courtyards.



Of all plantings, canopy trees hold up best.  Like tall ones on the street, small shade trees -- suited to small spaces and containers -- also do the most visually and environmentally, save money on energy bills, and grow property value. 

Small NYC Street Tree Selection Design, NYC Permits
Small Yard Tree pruning Chelsea courtyard
NY Garden Court yard Restoration Chelsea
Street Tree Mile Success NYC Rt 9A
HLArb Renovation Chelsea Sculpture Garden NYC 5.22
Battery Park City Greenway
1 20150920_103022

(MVR) Michael Victor Ruggiero,  Consulting ISA-Certified Arborist   

ISA-Certified Arborist, International Society of Arboriculture  #NY-5409A    BS in Agriculture, with Distinction in Horticulture, Ohio State University

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