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Get  NY's  '#1Arborist' 

MVR CA, RLA  Owner

 NY Yard, Street & Parks Arborist
 ISA* Certified

For small sites H LINE Arborist (HLArb) addresses the pruning, care & selection of small trees. This allows expression of the artistic, sculptural and seasonal aspects of arboriculture,  greatly rewarding still after pruning 1000's of trees of all sizes in 35+years in professional arboriculture.

In contrast is urban forestry, which for us focuses on street tree preservation and all NYC public trees. In addition to site inspections, work involves developing digital reports, surveys, plans, and letters to NYC agencies. Such demands advanced knowledge of trees, diverse graphic skills, and administrative thoroughness to attain approvals for clients as quickly as possible.


All city trees -- in greenfields/parks, on the street or in yards of commercial and residential properties-- contribute to a healthy, integrated, sustainable  street canopy/urban forest to improve the quality of life for everyone here. 

*International Society of Arboriculture   #NY 5409A


MVR Consulting Arborist for Manhattan Toll Plan tree preservation program

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Certified Consulting Arborist Services 

Architects, engineers, and contractors, get Permits so that intended work minimizes impacts to  NYC trees. Clear CA Reports and Tree Surveys expedite permits.

Consulting Arborist I

Practical Urban Forestry 

NYC Parks CA Tree Reports ▪ Inspections ▪ Permits 

Consulting Arborist II
Multidisciplinary Urban Forestry 

CAD Tree Surveys ▪ DOB Plan Review C of Os

Tree Appraisals ▪  Arborist Legal Letters



Of all plantings, canopy trees hold up the best.  Like tall ones on the street, small shade trees -- suited to small spaces and containers -- also do the most visually and environmentally, save money on energy bills, add privacy and grow property value. 

Small NYC Street Tree Selection Design, NYC Permits
Small Yard Tree pruning Chelsea courtyard
NY Garden Court yard Restoration Chelsea
HLArb Renovation Chelsea Sculpture Garden NYC 5.22
Small Tree Pruning & Recovery - Japanese Maple
Small Tree Pruning and Selection
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