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Consulting Arborist II 
Multidisciplinary Urban Forestry Service 

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 Tree Appraisals

Arborist Legal Letters

CAD Tree Surveys NY
  ID,  Evaluation, Impact Analysis 

   Plan Reviews   Tree C of O NYC

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Certified Consulting Arborist NY

 Tree Appraisals


Legal Letters

2017-2023  Sampling of Letters 


Restitution for Damaged Tree

▪ HL Arborist Rebuttal Letter for Homeowners to NYC Parks Dept Regarding Vandalized Tree Claims - for $115K

Result: Relief From

▪ Tenant to NYC School Construction Authority for Mitigation of Damaged Chelsea Street Tree


Planning & Construction Issues with Trees

▪ Argument & Request for Tree Removal Permit from Brooklyn Planning Board

▪ New Construction Impact & Appraisal of Tree on Neighboring Property in Harlem


To/From Homeowners’ Association/ Co-op Board About Property Trees

▪ Inspection/Evaluation of Property’s Mature 42” Red Oak Tree in Riverdale

▪ Assessment & Actions for Climbing Vine in Rear Yard of Chelsea Co-op

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