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ABOUT  High Line Arborist aka H LINE Arborist ▪ HLArb

H Line Arborist Difference 
While most arborists and tree services are focused on tree removals, cutting limbs, etc, our specialty is instead tree preservation, particularly for ones owned by New York City along streets and parks.  Why?

Foremost because, amid constant whirlwind construction in NYC, NYC tree preservation is the law and involves strict protocols that all entities, including gov't agencies, must abide by or face stiff penalties. HLArb exists to prevent them. 

Second, city (street) tree preservation requires specialized administrative skills, root-zone knowledge, and site experience that few other ISA-Arborists or tree care pros have. Simply compare our services and projects to others.

Consulting Arborist I Services 

HLArb fills a real need for such practicality in big-city forestry, and educating 'Treekeeping' clients about it.

Establishment in 2015
While HLArb is not associated with The High Line in Chelsea, it was inspired by the park's progressive thought, and then office proximity marked an initial service area. Service quickly sped up the Hudson reinforcing ‘H Line’ name.1

HLArb’s mission has always been to consult on design and construction projects in order to preserve NYC Parks street/public trees, increase their number and shade tree canopy overall in NYC. 

Owner Michael V. Ruggiero, MVR

RLA, ISA-Certified Arborist ▪ CA in 2008

Treekeeping Clients:

Verizon      ConEdison

NYC Dept of Transportation DOT
NYC Dept of Parks & Rec.    DPR

NYC Dept of Env Protection DEP

Metropolitan Transit Authority    MTA

NY State Dept of Transportation DOT

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Consulting Arborist II Services   Advanced, Multidisciplinary Tasks

CADD Tree Surveys    Plan Reviews

Advanced capability stems from multi-disciplinary AE practice as NY State Reg. Landscape Architect since 1999, where collaboration with surveyors, engineers, and architects is a way of life, as is producing construction documents for design work. See Section 'AE Urban Highlights' below.

Tree Appraisals   Arborist Legal Letters

Qualification is a result of focused study and years of rigorous technical writing in academia and for AE project specs since.

Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Master in Landscape Architecture I

Ohio State University,  BS in Landscape Horticulture w Honors, summa cum laude 

Tree Appraisals NY
HL Arborist Legal Letters

AE Urban Highlights
MVR NYS Landscape Architect Practice (Architecture & Engineering) 

2003-12   Urban Design at  AECOM  NYC


2009-11  Project Arborist/ Field RLA

World Trade Center | West St. Promenade
Route 9A @ Battery Park City, W. Thames Park (WTP) 


9A was the ultimate streetscape project. It shined a light on the importance of planting details, street tree preservation & pruning of nursery trees in city street planting. And, how amazing neighborhood parks can arise along busy city highways. WTP is a minute walk from the 9/11 Memorial.



Client: New York State Dept of Transportation 

The first set 4 Record Images right are from 2010-11.

The second set of 4 Record Images are from Fall 2023.

2008-09 Chief Landscape Architect, AECOM
Battery Park's Peter Minuit Plaza
At MTA South Ferry Subway Terminal

NYCDOT SI Ferry Whitehall Terminal,

(Southern end of Manhattan) 

New York City Dept of Transportation

Metropolitan Transit Authority​

New York City Dept. of Parks and Recreation