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REGISTERED LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT_RLA Practice at Architecture/Engineering_AE Firms


1997  AE SITE PLANS  White Plains, NY  and North Haven, CT

MVR began professional LA practice working on large site design projects at the office of Divney Tung Schwalbe. The emphasis on roadways, stormwater, and utilities of AE employment enabled him to become a NYS Registered Landscape Architect (RLA) two years later in 1999.


Starting in 2000 for Diversified Technology Consultants, he supported architects and engineers on large new building sites, mostly schools. After working out vehicle circulation and parking, he unified sites with tree plantings and then finalized design of building entry plazas and courtyards. The Fairhaven School Project, surrounded by industrial uses, made him see the need and value of trees and landscape architecture in urban areas, and so was pivotal toward current urban direction/focus.




A move to Manhattan and employment at Urbitran (now AECOM) fostered study for a professional book on city street trees and urban forestry, a project which is ongoing. Design projects included:

  • MNR Beacon, NY Rail Station.

  • Peter Minuit Plaza at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.  At the southernmost  tip of Manhattan.

  • The 1-mile Rt.9A/West St Promenade leading to the 9/11 Memorial and World Trade Center, serving as Project Consulting Arborist.



           With Battery Park City's West Thames Park WTP   (Background image here)

For street planting projects, 9A was ultimate training.  With its bustling environment, 9A’s tree establishment showed MVR’s expertise as an arborist. The experience shined a light on high-profile work effort, how important details are in street planting, and, how neighborhood parks can arise along thoroughfares. WTP is a minute walk from the 9/11 Memorial.



2015  H LINE ARBORIST Establishment 

Established to consult on design and construction projects and NYC's important street tree canopy. While street or at-grade conditions differ from plantings on structures -- ‘green roofs’-- of which The High Line Park is exemplary, HLArb establishment was inspired by proximity, design and construction involvement with The High Line Park, and the mission, in addition to consulting, to deliver advanced tree care and design in West Manhattan, and northward up the Hudson River.


While 'High and Lined’ (High|Line) distinguish NYC streets, ‘LINE’ defines all streets by geometry. Terms 'Tree LINE', 'Utility LINE', signaled abbreviation to simply 'H Line Arborist'. Now inclusive of MNR's 'Hudson Line


Alt. domains include: HLArbConsultingArboristNY, LINEArborist, TreesNYC, NYCArborist


Keywords: Consulting Arborist NY, RLA NY, tree preservation ny, and many others.  

School Campus Landscape Plan
School Site Plan Soccer Park
MVR Plan Rendering
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